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Wake Up The Brain To Make New Connections

NeuroMovement® is a holistic approach to human functioning and action, based in the understanding that movement is the language of the brain.

Movement provides information, which the brain needs to grow and organize itself, and to be able to organize movement, thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Movement includes not only movement of the body in space, but also the act of thinking, emotion and the transportation of stimuli that generate sensory impressions, such as feeling, hearing, seeing etc. All experience in the physical world is based in movement even on the subtlest level.

Cognition, the process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience and the senses,  is embedded in movement, meaning that movement is the basis not only for the physical but also the cognitive development. The degree of differentiation and complexity of movement defines the level of cognitive ability.

With NeuroMovement, movement is understood and utilized as the language of the brain and the mechanism through which we live, survive, and thrive.

The concept of the mind body has been advocated for quite some time; yet most people still think that the body and physical activity is different and independent from mental activity such as thinking, emotions, beliefs, behaviors and mental habits.

Many people find it hard to comprehend how physical movement can help form and enhance thinking and vice versa. In fact many interventions, such as different therapies and fitness programs separate physical and mental techniques and exercises.

In NeuroMovement, the brain is understood to be a self-organizing information system that integrates the mind and body all the time. It forms holistically through its experiences of all aspects of movement.

In early infancy, it is the sensory kinetic experiences of largely random and involuntary movements that feed the brain with information it uses to form recognizable patterns and to organize and control all aspects of movement.

The human brain is incredibly plastic—it changes itself rapidly throughout life through its experiences of movement.

The Anat Baniel Method and Feldenkrais Method are built on NeuroMovement principles that help upgrade the functioning of the brain, so that it can organize movement, thinking, feeling, emotion, and action better.

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