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Eating for Health - Education and Coaching

We believe there IS NO one “right way” of eating – regardless of what those selling diets, superfoods, and self-help books will tell you. People are different, environments are different, diets are different!

  • Traditional diets vary widely based on local food resources.  
  • Biochemical individuality and other individual considerations such as body type, lifestyle and work, age should all be taken into account.
  • Our way of eating should not be based solely on nutrition facts. – Social, cultural and spiritual influences are important and need to be considered.
  • Eating healthy isn’t about deprivation – its about knowing how to make your diet the most supportive for your body and making one small change at a time.   


Nutritional Counseling

During a one-on-one nutritional consultation, we will determine the best ways for you to improve your overall health through eating while respecting your individual financial, cultural, body type and lifestyle differences. Together we will come up with a personalized plan complete with short and long-term health goals. We will also focus on specific medicinal plants for your constitution and health needs that can be incorporated into your meal planning. After our consultation you will receive your personalized nutrition plan along with healthy recipes tailored to your taste preferences and lifestyle.


Kitchen Revision

Having a supportive diet starts with the food in your kitchen, and sometimes it can be overwhelming to figure out what foods are beneficial and what are harmful in your home. With a kitchen revision, Bridget will make a “house-call” and help you re-vamp your pantry, determining new ways that you can use your healthy ingredients and suggesting alternatives to harmful foods. A trip to a local grocery store to find new and improved ingredients may follow.

Bridget Sadeghian



Bridget Sadeghian is a certified western herbalist, nutritional counselor and educator. After completing her undergraduate studies in Education and Nutrition at Hampshire College, Bridget taught Nutrition and Health at the SAGE Project in San Francisco, a center providing alternative therapy and support for disenfranchised women. She received her training in western herbalism at the California School of Herbal Medicine, where she continued to learn the many ways that plant medicine and herbal support can be incorporated into healthy meal planning. She is passionate about plants and people and believes that healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.





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