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Expanding - Refining - Moving Beyond Limitations

The Feldenkrais Method® is a holistic movement based approach to activate and expand the human potential for self organization.

It is rooted in the understanding that the brain organizes movement, which includes also the movement of thoughts, feelings and emotions. The method aims to create a higher level of differentiation in movement and feeling, thereby transforming the quality of all these aspects of self.

The method was developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, (1904-1984), a distinguished scientist and martial artist, who was one of the first, who observed and described what is known today as brain plasticity, the ability of the brain to grow and change throughout life.

The Feldenkrais Method is applied in two ways:

Functional Integration® is a hands-on individual lesson that allows the student to experience his/her movements through the feedback of the teacher’s gentle and informative touch. By paying attention to the feeling of the movement, the student can understand functional connections in her body in a variety of configurations that the teacher creates for her. This activates the brain to organize movement in new and better ways. Subsequently, painful muscular holding patterns dissolve and structural realignment can take place. The student experiences easier and more fluent movement of the whole body; and because cognition is embedded in movement, this also activates new ways of thinking and feeling. The intention of the lesson is not to “fix”or “treat” you. The focus is on creating a context for learning and self-discovery.

Awareness Through Movement® is taught in a class setting. Here the teacher guides a group of students through a movement lesson. There are literally hundreds of lessons, each designed to explore and refine elementary and complex movements, as they once developed in us during childhood. By applying certain brain principles in the lessons, the exploration of the movements becomes a powerful tool to upgrade the brain and improve it’s ability to “map” new and more efficient ways to move, which reduces and eliminates pain and increases strength, flexibility, balance and fluency of movement. People also report feeling lighter, grounded, connected, exhilarated, and having increased mental clarity.

Who can benefit?

  • People in pain or who have lost mobility
  • People who are looking to grow and refine themselves
  • Athletes, dancers, musicians and artists, who want to go to the next level of performance
  • Children and adults with special needs
  • Children and adults with learning differences, i.e. ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia
  • Children on the autism spectrum

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Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Class


“Doing the lessons you’ll find that which you thought impossible becomes possible, the possible becomes easy and effortless, and the effortless is pleasurable.”

Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais

“I had a wonderful experience with Gabrielle and Feldenkrais.“  

 I was in a car accident recently, and was still experiencing bouts of very painful headaches. Gabrielle found that this was caused by a severe instability of the neck and that I was not moving key areas of my body as an unconscious attempt to protect the injury. She recommended getting gentle spinal adjustments first. Once my neck was more stabilized she guided me through some very informative movements, that helped me to better feel myself and discover new ways of moving that further relieved my neck. My whole body mechanics improved. I was overjoyed with her services and highly recommend her.” 

Sandra Conde, Oakland

How does Feldenkrais help people (Video)

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