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Treating the Root of Dis-ease

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a over 3000 year old, complete system of holistic medicine, which can identify and treat the symptoms and roots causes of disease, by harmonizing the underlying imbalances in the energy and physical body.


You may not have heard that acupuncture can treat the symptoms you are experiencing. Click here to see a list of conditions that can be successfully treated with acupuncture and herbal prescriptions, or simply call and ask us. Chances are that we can help you.

For over 25 years we have helped people recovering from trauma, repetitive stress injuries, chronic pain, stress and exhaustion, insomnia, anxiety, depression, digestive problems, asthma and emphysema, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart palpitations, as well as specific female and male health issues.

We have also been deeply committed to complementary alternative cancer care for many years.

We often witness astonishing results and profound transformations in people who seek care with us.


“Dealing with the challenges of menopause I found that western medicine was not offering me many options to deal with health changes associated with aging. Jumbé and Gabriele Allen educated me about the benefits of TCM. I was a bit skeptical and acknowledge I knew nothing about this ancient system of medicine. I began a course of treatment, which eliminated hot flashes in just a few weeks. I was so thrilled that I asked Jumbé to treat my sinusitis and thyroid problem. I am now off the sinus and thyroid medications. I am able to combat occasional sinus infections brought on by a cold virus with a combination of herbs and acupuncture. Acupuncture has also lowered my blood pressure to a healthy 117/75. Whenever I have a flare up in back pain, acupuncture provides immediate relief. I am thrilled with how great I feel.”

Dale G.

San Leandro

“Thank you for all your support along my journey to motherhood.  I know you made a big difference on so many energetic levels.  I am thrilled and look forward to introducing you to my daughter. “


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